According to ISO ISO 9001:2015

Policy on Quality

Our priorities

The management of our company, in line with its obligation to develop and continually improve the established system of quality according to ISO 9001:2015, announces the following policy on quality, focused on these priorities:

Customer Satisfaction

  • we continuously determine and analyse customer demands
  • we favour an individual approach to each customer
  • we try to permanently improve the quality of our shipping and logistics services
  • we guarantee the trouble-free transport of shipped goods
  • we welcome customer comments and suggestions
  • we try to accommodate all customer expectations

Environmental Protection

  • we are searching for way to manage the use of fuels and reduce emissions of our vehicles so that the impact on the environment linked to operation of our activities is minimal

Employee qualifications

  • we emphasize systematic education of employees and thus increase their qualifications
  • we motivate them to take a responsible approach to the quality of the work performed
  • we familiarize them company objectives in the field of quality shipping and a considerate approach to the environment
  • we continually improve their working conditions and pay heed to creating a closely knit work team founded on quality internal communication and mutual relations
  • we require quality work from each employee, with an emphasis on the high level of our services
  • we regularly evaluate the work results achieved